May 2015 2nd Week

18 may 2015

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    • Stock indexes on Wall Street weakened closed on Monday (11/05/2015) local time, as investors worried about Greece's financial condition and slowing economic growth in China. Investors are pessimistic towards the European conditions after the zone finance ministers meet to discuss financial reforms for Greece, while Greece States have began paying about 750 million euro or about USD836 million to the IMF.
    • The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) said in a monthly report on Tuesday (12/05/2015) that world oil demand in 2015 will grow a little upper than previously expected. "World oil Demand in 2015 is now projected to rise a little higher 1.18 million barrels a day, compared with last month's estimate of 1.17 million barrels per day," OPEC said in its report, said the world demand will reach around 92,50 million barrels per day this year, Xinhua reported.
    • US President Barack Obama's efforts to get the authorities to speed up the formation of a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) obstructed the Democratic stronghold in the Senate on May 12, 2015. A massive trade pact that will include Japan, Vietnam, Canada, and eight other countries. Opponents call the Treaty favorable TPP of the big businessmen, but harm the American workforce. However, they lose sight of the broader picture of geopolitics. TPP is not just a matter of earnings and jobs because that is the White House efforts to preserve American dominance in the global economy are facing the economic resurgence of China.
    • Minister of Finance Bambang PS Brodjonegoro says, in the middle of the performance of the financial sector that is still showing positive trends, Indonesia must be aware of the various challenges that are not easy, especially from the external side. According to him, it was reinforced with revised the projected economic growth for this year, to about 3.1 percent. "From the IMF World Economic Outlook, we see that the predictions of economic growth by 2015 are already reduced to 3.1 percent for growth of the world economy by 2015," explained Bambang, as quoted from the page of the Ministry of finance, Friday (15/5).
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      The Conditions of the global economic slowdown that occurred in European Zone and the United States . This affects influence of the US economy's strong and the threat of China's influence on the US economy
    • The Government through the Ministry of Public Works and Housing (Kemenpupera) spends the funds up to around Rp 56, 97 billion for the construction of road infrastructure in various regions of the country. "The Government has estimated the funds of Rp 56,97 trillion for road infrastructure throughout Indonesia to 2015," said Basuki Hadimuljono, the affidavits are accepted, in Jakarta, Saturday (9/5).
    • Bank Indonesia said it will establish a partnership with the Ministry of State Owned Enterprise (BUMN) to encourage use of the rupiah currency transactions within the country. "We will push the Ministry of State Owned Enterprise as the regulator to also encourage State Owned Enterprise of which there are about a hundred of State Owned Enterprise in Indonesia to use dollars in this transaction," said Plt the head of the money management Department BI Eko Yulianto, was quoted as saying over the weekend between, yesterday.
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      To realize the entry of investors to Indonesia, one of the factors that should be improved is the commitment and performance of the Government a regarding the stability of the rupiah exchange rate and economic growth in the country.
    • Bank Indonesia (BI) suggests the banking industry in the country this year is expected to experience a severe challenge. This is evident from the decline in the value of loans and rising risk of nonperforming loans (NPLs) in early 2015. The central bank noted a decrease in loans (year on year / yoy) of banks continued to decline. Since February 2015 recorded growth of still above 12%, then to 11.3% in March, up 10% in April 2015.
    • PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk signed a cooperation agreement investment financing Makassar New Port development and modernization of equipment loading and unloading of containers with PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) IV worth Rp3 trillion. Director of Corporate Banking at Bank Mandiri Royke Tumilaar said, "Through the synergy among state-owned enterprises, the bank may once again proves its commitment in strengthening the capacity of national maritime infrastructure, including port sector," said Royke Tumilaar at Plaza Mandiri, Jakarta, Tuesday (12/05/2015).
    • PT Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk (BBNI) is reviewing the planned reductions in lending rates. Suprajarto, Deputy Director of BNI, said it would cut lending rates by 25 basis points (bps), if Bank Indonesia (BI) did not raise its benchmark interest rate or BI rate. "We plan to lower interest approximately 1 month - two months ahead," said Suprajarto, Tuesday (12/05/2015).
    • PT Bank Sulawesi Utara (BS) renamed Bank of Sulawesi Utara Gorontalo (BSG) because it now belongs to Sulawesi Utara and Gorontalo. "In the General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) Annual Bank Sulut first held in 2015, Board of Directors and shareholders finally decided to carry the name of Bank of Sulawesi Utrara Gorontalo (BSG) as the new name of Torang pe Bank," said President Director of PT Bank Sulut Johanis Salibana in Manado, on Saturday (May 9, 2015).
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      The banking loan growth declines and worsening the NPL of the banking sector showed that  real sector experienced a slowdown.

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