Linkage Program BPR PERBAMIDA & PERBARINDO For The Employee Loan

  • Loan Target
    BPR Employee
  • Interest Rate
    Interest rate is according with the applicable regulations
  • Time Period
    Maximum 10 (ten) years
  • Loan Guarantee
    Asset replacement or loan nominative list that given is minimum 100% (one hundred percent) of the credit principal and tied Fiduciary
  • Loan Application Requirements
    1. BPR must be operational at least 3 (three) years which evidenced by operational license from the Ministry of Finance / Bank Indonesia / Financial Services Authority;
    2. The healthy level of BPR Perbarindo is “HEALTHY” and the healthy level of BPR Perbamida at least “HEALTHY ENOUGH”;
    3. Submit a Bank Indonesia’s monthly report last recently month;
    4. Submit a copy of monthly report (last recently month) to the Ministry of Finance;
    5. Submit a business plan or work plan last recently year;
    6. The change of to the business plan that has been approved by Bank Indonesia should be submitted to the Bank;
    7. The Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) at least 12% (twelve percent);
    8. Non Performing Loan (NPL) net ratio is not more than 5% (five percent) according to Bank Jatim’s calculation
    9. BPR and BPR boards have not credit arrear evidenced with Debtor Information System report.