Money Transfer

Western Union

Product Description:

It is about the transfer (send/receive) money, in real time/online process, which is done in domestic area or crossing the border.

The Characteristics:

  • Oriented to personal/individual and company, which has or doesn’t have the account in Bank Jatim
  • Sender/Receiver should show the original ID prove.
  • The payment agent would transfer to the receiver in the local currency
  • The money can be given in cash or non-cash.
  • The sender would be charged for the money delivery
  • The receiver can receive in any bank account or get the money transferred in cash amount
  • For the sender of money:
    • Bank Jatim member/client: Free of charge
    • Non BankJatim member/client: Would be charged for the cost of meterai (stamp)
  • The transfer would be done in Rupiah
  •  The transfer period limit would be done due to bank jatimSyariah schedule.
  •  The transfer is served in any countries, except in certain condition valid in certain Countries

The Benefits:

  • Transfer is executed safe and easy
  • Affordable cost of transfer
  • No minimum money for the transfer
  • Fast, online, and real time transaction, and within minutes, the money would be accepted by receiver.
  • The sender/receiver is not necessary to have the account in the bank Jatim and not necessary to stay in the country of sender or receiver.

Condition to Apply:

Sending Money:

  • Filling in the form
  • Giving the money and ID copy, for transfer
  • Inform the transfer data includes the name, amount of money, country of origin and destination

Receiving Money:

  • Filling the form and giving the valid ID
  • Knowing the transfer data, such as name of receiver, name of sender, amount of money, country of sender and reference number.
  • The Bank Jatim clients would only receive the money in Rupiahs.