Forward Contract


  • Conversion transaction or exchange foreign currency against IDR, or other currency in form of common foreign currency exchange (non cash).


  1. To minimalize exchange rate risk for agreed time frame.
  2. With the support of today’s Information Technology of Bank Jatim, we can provide fast services with competitive exchange rate price for customer.
  3. Bank Jatim serve world foreign currency such as USD,GBP, JPY also other regional currency such as SGD,HKD,MYR, CNY

Time Periode

  • Foreign exchange currency transaction against IDR or foreign exchange currency transaction against other  foreign exchange currency with transfer of funds in more than ( 2 ) two until (1) year business day following.


  • If Customer doesn’t have good funds in Bank Jatim Account, Customer are required to have Treasury Line Facility at Bank Jatim and sign the FX Agreement