Multiguna Sharia

Financing facilities provided by the Bank Jatim Syariah to customers for all productive business sectors with the aim of consumptive necessity and carried out by using akad Murabaha and ijarah.


  1. Purchasing motorized vehicles
  2. Purchasing consumptive goods
  3. Purchasing productive goods in accordance with sharia principles


  1. Civil Servant (PNS/BUMN/BUMD employees/ member of the TNI/POLRI/Legislative member are 90% of salary received by applicant customers
  2. Employees of private companies/foundations.cooperative are 70% of salary
  3. Recruited Civil Servants (PNS/BUMN/BUMD employees and retired TNI/POLRI officers are 70% of pension entitlements received by customers
  4. Contract workers temporary workers and village officials are 70% of the salary received


Payroll Non Payroll
 PNS/ pegawai BUMN/BUMD/anggota TNI/POLRI/anggota legislatif 20 Years 20 Years
Anggota TNI/POLRI 8 Years 8 Years
Pegawai swasta/yayasan/Koperasi 8 Years 8 Years
Calon pegawai (CPNS/BUMN/BUMD) 5 Years -
Purnawirawan TNI/POLRI/Pensiunan PNS/BUMN/BUMD 15 Years -
Tenaga Kerja Kontrak 1 year/ in accordance with the remaining period of work contract -
Tenaga Honorer In accordance with disbursement APBN funds -
Perangkat Desa 5 years / in accordance with the remaining period of perangkat desa -


  1. Aged at least 18 (eighteen) years old or married and authorized to take legal actions (have grown up according to the law and are not in custody) in accordance with applicable regulations
  2. Fill out the form and agreement of the Multiguna Sharia Financing of Bank Jatim Syariah.
  3. Submit a copy of KTP,KSK,NIP/employee card, each 2 (two).
  4. Submit a copy of the decree on the appointment of permanent employees and the other last decrees.
  5. Letter of recomendation from the management/leader of the company/institution.
  6. Certificate of salary/income.
  7. Power of attorney to deduct salary from applicant
  8. Salaries are paid through an account at Bank Jatim or a statement from the treasurer that is able to cut the salary/income of prospective customers as installments of financing to Bank Jatim Syariah
  9. A statement from the customer for information on loans owned including the loans at cooperative
  10. Prospective customers who are non-payroll, complete the additional requirements for the complete funding document in the form of an SK asli Pengangkatan Pegawai along with a copy of the lastest SK that has been legalized as an Additional Funding Guarantee
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