Tabungan Rencana iB Barokah

The saving account by using Mudharabah Mutlaqah for you who want to save money to actualize all your dream by autodebet from your other saving account to your Tabungan Rencana iB Barokah at every month.


  1. Secure customer fund
  2. Would be included in goverment guarantee program
  3. Competitive profit sharing based on sharia value
  4. Automatic autodebet to your Tabungan Rencana iB Barokah
  5. Debetting period up to 60 months
  6. Tabungan Rencana iB Barokah can recieve deposit outside monthly deposit
  7. Changes can be made in the monthly nominal deposit and the period if there is no deposit in 3 (three) consecutive month
  1. Must have account in Bank Jatim Syariah as a main account
  2. Fill the form and akad Tabungan Rencana iB Barokah
  3. Provide valid proof of identification and NPWP

1 Minimum intial deposit Rp.  100.000
2 Minimum next deposit Rp.    50.000
3 Monthly administration fee Free of Charges
4 Account closing fee before the end of period Rp.    50.000
*) The terms and conditions can be change at any time
For futher information about our product, please call Info Bank Jatim 14044 or come directly to the nearst branch offices sharia Bank Jatim