Other Banking Service

Other Banking Services

  1. Transfer

It is about the Rupiah transfer from one to another account, under the request and cost of sender.

Transfer Facility:

  • BI – RTGS (Bank Indonesia – Real time Gross Settlement). This facility allows bank to do online and real time transaction and settles the transaction in the integrated way.
  • SKNBI (SistemKliringnasional Bank Indonesia). This is a credit fund transfer between banks through clearing and paperless process, in national coverage area.

2. Inkaso

It is about the transaction of valuable paper (Giro, Cheque, Wesel) to the other banks which is not covered by the clearing of Bank Indonesia (the other banks are out of clearing coverage)

3. Bank Reference

It is about the statement from the bank Jatim, indicating that the people/company is a real member/client of Bank Jatim. This Bank reference is mostly used for the tender project. The benefit of bank reference is as following:

  • Improving the trust which is needed by the business partner of client
  • equired as the condition to follow the tender process
  • The cost of Bank Reference is RP100.000,00
4. Giralisasi

It is the payment done by clients through automatic transfer process from client account to the bill payment. The transaction includes the bills as following:

  • PBB (annual Land tax)
  • Phone line account
  • Electricity account
  • Water account
  • Vehicle tax (PKB)
  • Vehicle transaction and process of changing the ownership (BBNKB)
  • Contribution to traffic accident fund

5. Tax Service

It is about the service provided by Bank Jatim to facilitate the online tax reporting from the public to the tax office. Bank Jatim has been appointed as Operational V Bank or as Bank Persepsi. The online system has been approved by Tax head office and considered Valid.

 The benefit of Tax service:

  • Providing the advantage and ease to the clients to do the tax transaction
  • Online system
  • The tax prove can be taken at the time
  • No additional cost required

The type of Tax service:

  • PBB (land tax)
  • BPHTB (land/building transaction tax)
  • PPN (transaction tax)
  • PPh (income tax)
  • SSBP (non tax reporting letter) 

Import Tax

Import Tax Administration Fee Payments (EDI SYSTEM): IDR 40,000,00