Barokah Saving

The saving accounts by using the principle of profit sharing (mudharabah mutlaqah) betwwen banks and customers according to nisbah and can be withdrwan at any time. Mudharabah mutlaqah is an agreement between a customer and a bank to obtain profits, which will be distributed according to the nisbah. Banks are given authority by customers to manage savings and determine shariah investments.


  1. Secure customer fund
  2. Would be included in goverment guarantee program
  3. Competitive profit sharing based on sharia value
  4. Can be deposited at any time throughout the bank jatim brach office
  5. Can be used as financing collateral or Bank Jatim Syariah reference
  6. Customer will get ATM, SMS Banking, and mobile banking facility
  7. Individuals, foundations, legal entities and other institutions are intended
  8. Customer can pay zakat through Tabungan Barokah


  1. Fill the form and akad Tabungan Barokah
  2. Provide valid prrof of identification and NPWP
  3. And for legal entities provide valid proof of copy SIUP/SITU/TDP/NPWP and deed of incorporation.


No Component Rate
1 Minimum Initial Deposit Rp50.000,00
2 Next Minimum Deposit Rp10.000,00
3 Passive Account Administration Fee Free
4 Monthly Administration Fee Rp5.000,00
5 Account Closing Administartion Fee Rp50.000,00
6 Minimum Balance Rp50.000,00
7 Account Book Replacement Free

*) The terms and conditions can be change at any time


The average balance of Mr. Alex’s tabungan barokah in january 2019 was IDR 5,000,000. Nisbah between customers and banks is 12.5%:87.5%. if the average balance of tabungan barokah in January is IDR 8,400,000,000 and the bank’s revenue that is distributed for the tabungan barokah is IDR 5,000,000,000. Then the revenue sharing obtained by Mr. Alex is as follows: 

Rp. 5.000.000,- x Rp.,- x 12,5% = Rp. 372.024,--

Rp. 8.400.000.000

The revenue sharing obtained by Mr. Alex is 372.024,-

For futher information about our product, please call Info Bank Jatim 14044 or come directly to the nearst branch offices Bank Jatim sharia.