Exchange SiKLUS Saving

Savings accounts in foreign currencies for individuals that can be opened, deposited or withdrawn in all Branches of Bank Jatim.  Bank Jatim Siklus Foreign Currency Savings  provide convenience, comfort and profit in making transactions while investing.  Bank Jatim Siklus Foreign Currency Savings are available in 5 (five) types of foreign currencies, namely USD, SGD, JPY, EUR and HKD.

Currency First Deposit Minimum Balance Fee/Motnh Closed Account Fee Below Balance fee
USD USD 100 USD 100 USD 0.5 USD 5 Bebas Biaya
SGD SGD 100 SGD 100 SGD 1 SGD 5 Bebas Biaya
EUR EUR 50 EUR 20 EUR 1 EUR 5 Bebas Biaya
JPY JPY 7500 JPY 2500 JPY 50 JPY 400 Bebas Biaya
HKD HKD 400 HKD 100 HKD 7 HKD 35 Bebas Biaya