Laku Pandai

Bank Jatim Laku Pandai is an officeless financial service in the framework of inclusive finance provided by Bank Jatim through the Laku Pandai Agent that has been appointed by Bank Jatim in providing banking services as a representative of Bank Jatim.

  • Feature
    • Opening SiPandai Savings
    • Transfer of funds
    • Deposit and Cash Withdrawal
    • Purchase and Payment bill
  • Advantages
    • For Agent :
      1. Get additional income
      2. There is no limit of deposit
      3. Can be traded anywhere
      4. There is no limit for transaction
      5. Can get prizes at the Laku Pandai Promotion
    • For Customers :
      1. Being able to conduct financial transactions through Laku Pandai Agents includes :
        • Account opening
        • Cash deposit
        • Transfer
        • Cash withdrawal
        • Bill payment
        • Purchase credit
      2. No need to come to the Bank
      3. Free savings administration fees for SiPandai savings customers
  • Excellences
    • Using the mobile application and USSD
    • Using technology with guaranteed security
    • Supervised and recorded by the Otoritas Jasa Keuangan
  • Term and Conditions
    • Agents can be individual agents and / or legal entities
    • Requirements to become an individual Agent are :
      1. Residing in the location of the place where the Bankjatim Laku Pandai is held
      2. There is a cellular telephone network that used to conduct Laku Pandai activities
      3. It has good ability, reputation, credibility and integrity includes :
        • knowing and understanding of Bank institutions and Bank products or services so that they can provide a good explanation in carrying out their activities
        • the ability to use electronic devices to service customer transactions including to explain the use of electronic devices and / or instruments to customers
        • the ability to make bookkeeping in simply and doing financial management independently
        • the ability to place a number of deposits and / or collateral in accordance with the amount set by Bank Jatim.
        • The credibility and integrity candidates of Laku Pandai Agent can be seen, which is:
          1. Having a good track record in various activities such as never denying obligations, not having bad credit, not being listed in the Daftar Hitam Nasional (DHN), and/or never committing a crime that has been decided by a court that has permanent legal force
          2. Never become a member that be avowed of guilty who causing a company to go bankrupt
          3. have a high commitment to obey the laws and regulations
          4. do not violate the applicable provisions in the place where agent candidates get the main source of income related to the provision of services to serve Laku Pandai customers
          5. have financial ability, and/or
          6. doing active banking transactions for a certain time
          7. Having the main source of income comes from business activities and / or other fixed activities for a minimum of 2 years
          8. The sustainability of the main source of income or other activities currently underway is evidenced by :
            1. letter of appointment as a permanent employee, trade business license from the authorized agency, or a letter from the lowest head of local government from the head of the neighborhood association (RT) or customary head, for individual individual agents, or
            2. trade business license, company registration certificate, or business certificate / business domicile certificate from the authorized agency, for individual business entities
          9. Not become yet become an Agent of Bank’s promotor of Laku Pandai other than Bank Jatim
          10. Pass due diligence in accordance with points (a) to (d) conducted by the Bank
    • Requirements to become a legal entity are :
      1. Indonesian legal entity that :
        • supervised by regulatory authorities and supervisors and allowed to carry out activities in the financial sector, or
        • is a trading company that has a retail outlet network :
          1. Examples of legal entities include PT POS Indonesia, PT Pegadaian (Persero), and Cooperatives
          2. What is meant by a retail outlet network is a branch office network in the form of a store or place of business owned by a legal entity
      2. Have a good reputation, credibility and business performance
        • Reputation can be seen, among others, from the level of good recognition by the society towards the legal entity and the number of visits and transactions carried out by the around society at the place of business candidates of legal entities
        • Credibility can be seen, among others, from a track record that is good from a legal entity, such as never denying its obligations, never being bankrupt, a legal entity manager who has never committed a disgraceful act and / or a legal entity not violating the provisions for agency activities
        • Business performance includes, among other things, capital adequacy, financial capability reflected in certain financial ratios, liquidity management, and / or conducting active financial transactions for a certain period of time
      3. Have a business that stays in one location and is still ongoing, at least 2 (two) years
        • The continuity of business activities with a location that stays for at least 2 (two) years is evidenced by documents including articles of association, business licenses, business domicile certificates / domicile permits and / or company registration marks
        • Business requirements that stay for at least 2 (two) years apply to the Head office of the Agent
      4. There is a cellular telephone network that is used to carry out Laku Pandai services
      5. Able to carry out liquidity management as required by the Bank
        • The ability of liquidity management, among others, is reflected in the existence of policies and procedures that regulate the regular collection and delivery of cash from and to its retail outlet network as part of the liquidity monitoring system
      6. Able to provide human resources management (HRM) who have the technical ability to support the implementation of Laku Pandai
        • The ability to provide HR, among others, is reflected in the existence of policies and procedures for the recruitment, training, placement, and HR evaluation processes, which are carried out properly. Examples of technical abilities to support the implementation of Laku Pandai including :
          1. knowledge and understanding of the Bank's institutions and products or services of the Bank in carrying out its activities
          2. the ability to use electronic devices to service customer transactions
          3. good communication skills to explain Bank products and services and the use of electronic devices and / or instruments to customers; and
      7. passed the due diligence process conducted by Bank Jatim in accordance with the policies and procedures of Bank Jatim
  • Agent Laku Pandai Bank Jatim

For further information, please contact the BANK INFO JATIM in 14044 or contact the branch office nearest Bank Jatim.