Banking Security Tips

Bank Jatim always pays attention to the security aspect of the customer and the community so that really feel safe when transacting. Bank Jatim acknowledge any information about you is important and so personal and always committed to maintaining any form of banking transactions of its customers. Some sources obtained from Bank Indonesia website ( as an independent Central Bank and applying the principles of accountability and transparency through submission of information to the public openly.The following information and tips that can be delivered:

      Rupiah has the traits of certain signs that aims to secure the Rupiah from attempts of forgery. In General, the characteristics of the authenticity of the Rupiah can be recognized from the safety elements that are embedded in the material and money printing technique is used, i.e.

      1. Water Marks (Watermark) and Electrotype
        On paper money there is a watermark in the form of images that will be visible when viewed under light.
      2. Benang Pengaman (Security Thread)
        Planted in the middle of the thickness of the paper or look like woven so that it appears as a horizontal lines from top to bottom, can be made memendar or not memendar under ultraviolet light with one color or multiple colors.
      3. Cetak Intaglio
        The mold that feels rough when touched.
      4. Contents Of Each Image (Rectoverso)
        Printing a range of forms that produce prints on the front and the rear right and you met co-exist when viewed under light.
      5. Ink Change Color (Optical Variable Ink)
        Glossy prints (glittering) which vary in colour when viewed from different viewpoints.
      6. Micro Posts (Micro Text)
        Very small-sized paper can only be read by using a magnifying glass.
      7. The Ink Does Not Seem (Invisible Ink)
        The prints are not visible to memendar under ultraviolet light.
      8. Hidden Pictures (Latent Image)
        Printing technique where there is hidden text that can be seen from a particular point of view.

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      Security tips:

    • Quality Standard Of Rupiah

      1. Quality Standard: Rupiah Banknotes
        Paper money can be lent out money back is a decent path meets the criteria as follows:
        1. "Rupiah" original not fake Rupiah or suspected fraudulent
        2. The emission of money is still valid as means of payment are valid and have not been declared revoked and withdrawn from circulation
        3. The money is not damaged (torn, holes, duct tape, burning, and missing most) that size does not exceed the tolerance limit set by Bank Indonesia.
        Criteria Of Quality Money Worthy Path
        Money is money the Rupiah
        Decent Money Circulate(ULE) the original money was eligible to be released based on the standard of quality set by Bank Indonesia
        Money Is Not Worthly Circilate (UTLE) the original Money was not eligible for release based on the standard of quality set by Bank Indonesia, i.e. money shabby, money is flawed, Damaged Money and the money that has been revoked and withdrawn from circulation.
        Money Shabby the physical size of the Money is unchanged from its original size but Money has changed conditions caused among other things because the mushrooms, oil, chemicals, draft.
        Money Is Flawed is money the technical specifications of the prints did not match with the established by the Bank Indonesia
        Damaged Money is its physical size or money has been changed from its original size, which among other things because of the burning, perforated, missing parts, or money that his physical size is unchanged from its original size among other things due to the torn, or money shrinks.

        Number Criteria Quality Standards
        1 Hole Max. 10 mm²
        2 Rip Max. 8 mm
        3 Some missing Max. 50 mm²
        4 Masking Tape Max. 225 mm²
        5 Change the size of the
        Max. 8%
        6 Safety elements
        There is no security element is missing
        7 Stains and Graffiti There are no stains, graffiti, and seals
        8 Shabby
        9 Money spliced There are no parts of the money attached to one using adhesives or glue.
        If there is a crease angle should be trimmed so that the folds, the assessment can be done by physical condition merited. If paper money is unable to meet any of the criteria as well as the criteria and the standards above, categorized as UTLE.
      2. Quality Standard: Rupiah Coin
        As for the coin which can be circulated again are the coins meet the criteria worthy path IE:
        • The original coin
        • Do not change the color caused by chemical substances, inflammable, dirty, and corrosion.
        • There are no holes, the missing, truncated, and crooked/dent.
        • Having a standard form

        Decent Coin Path Criterion
        Number Criteria


        Do not change the color

        2 Not missing much
        3 Not clipped
        4 No bent/dent
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    • Phishing is a way/action fraud perpetrated by certain parties to get a client's confidential information such as User ID, PIN by way of

      1. Create a fake website which has an address and a display similar to the Bank's official website
      2. Send a URL link to a website created to resemble bank owned official site
      3. Send an email, an sms that informs the URL link or login screen or request a customer login by entering your User ID, PIN, account number or other personal data
      4. Pretending to be from the bank and ask for customer data with a specific reason

      Tips to safeguard against phishing scams:

      1. Never reply to emails that are suspicious or untrustworthy and ask for your personal data
      2. Make sure that you access the website through the site's official address Bank Jatim by typing the login page:
        Bank Jatim Website
      3. Make sure that you access the domain or sub domain from domain or sub domain
      4. To avoid the mistake of writing the official site address Bank Jatim, save the site address in the menu favorites or bookmarks.
      5. If you feel that Your User ID and PIN are not secret any more, immediately contact your Bank Info on 14044 Jatim
      6. Watch out for the fantastic offer that seems too easy to be true
      1. At the time of transaction using ATM or EDC clients pay attention to conditions expected tools EDC, ATM or if there is a tool (device) dihimbau, the customer is not suspicious transaction and immediately report to the nearest bank or party officials.
      2. Keep well ATM card and your ATM card PIN make sure the ATM card is always in your hands and you know PINnya
      3. When experiencing difficulty when inserting an ATM card, so as not to continue the transaction at ATM's
      4. Change YOUR ATM PIN periodically
      5. Do not serve those who offer help in ATM
      6. Don't lend the ATM card and PIN to notify other people (officers of the bank never asks for a PIN from the customer).
      7. Close the knob by hand on the pinpad input PIN to the ATM
      8. Be wary of scams with modus operandi by SMS and drawing modes offer help when you encounter any difficulties or problems in ATM
      9. After the transaction, immediately press the button randomly so that the other party is not able to detect the PIN number or numbers at the time of the previous transaction
      10. Search ATM location relatively safely and beware of the conditions around
      11. Don't leave the ATM slip, carry and store
      12. If you are having trouble at the ATM, contact immediately the Info Bank Jatim on number 14044
      13. Block ATM card transaction when any discrepancy
      1. Never use the same PIN for memenhi financial and non financial needs you do through the web, such as e-mail, online shopping, and other service online.
      2. Don't make the PIN which is a repetition of the User ID
      3. Do not use PINS that can be easily guessed by others, such as phone numbers, dates of birth, number of the vehicle, or other personal data. We recommend that you select a unique PIN number and not meaningful. The more random, increasingly good.
      4. Do not use a PIN number sequence such as: 123456 or PIN which is a repetition of numbers such as: 111111
      5. Don't tell your PIN to anyone, even to family, close friends or the bank
      6. Avoid recorded PIN number anywhere especially keep it in your wallet, cell phone or other risky things. It would be better if you remember it without having to write it down
      7. Mengusahakan orang lain tidak dapat melihat PIN Anda yaitu dengan menutup gerakan jari pada saat Anda menekan tombol pinpad atau saat memasukkan PIN Anda.
      8. Mengganti PIN secara berkala dengan kombinasi angka yang unik dan sulit ditebak oleh orang lain.
      9. Beware of the scam attempts from the person who said bank officer/officers as Bank Jatim via phone, fax or email, requesting personal data, including your PIN. Because the Bank Jatim officer will not ask or ask Your PIN number.
      1. During registration of mobile banking service please make sure the mobile phone number registered number is your own
      2. Create a unique mobile banking PIN and make sure only you know Your mobile banking PIN
      3. Don't ever send a text message via cell phone that contains sensitive information such as savings account number or PIN number
      4. For safety, replace the PIN periodically
      5. Activate SMS notification service on Your mobile banking.
      6. Contact the Call Center of the Bank Jatim 14044 or the nearest branch office of the Bank Jatim in mobile phone numbers that are listed in the SMS Banking lost
      7. Immediately remove sent item After your transaction (if any)
    • Money Laundering
      Getting to know the anti-money laundering Act (anti money laundering) should first know what is money laundering.

      Money laundering is an attempt to hide or disguise money that results from an action crime, such as prostitution, the drug trade, corruption, smuggling, fraud, counterfeiting, gambling, and others.

      Money is the proceeds of crime will be tried to be kept in financial institutions (including banks) and in a certain way the origin of the money is disguised. Henceforth, the money is used again to fund other crimes action, and wash it again, and so on.

      Influence Of Money Laundering
      As a result of money laundering, criminal action would be increased, which would ultimately jeopardize security of society so that social costs incurred by the Government to eradicate crime will also increase.

      In addition, the activities of money laundering can affect the economy, because there are live kemingkinan all of a sudden the money withdrawn from Indonesia's financial system in large amounts that will have an impact to the stability of the value of the rupiah and interest rates.

      Anti-money laundering Act < br/> given the negative impact of money laundering actions could harm the stability of the country, the need for action to prevent the occurrence of money laundering in Indonesia.

      The Government through the central financial transaction reporting and analysis (PPATK) asked for banking and other financial services to report any suspicious transactions to the money laundering Act.

      The community is obliged to support the Government program in anti-money laundering actions. Perpetrators of acts of money-laundering may be subject to criminal sanctions and fines up to a maximum of 20 Rp 10 billion.

      Criminal sanctions are given to:

      1. Every person who deliberately commits money laundering activities.
      2. Every person who receives the results of money laundering.
      3. Every person who does not report the cash in the form of dollars at least Rp 100 million or equivalent in foreign currency, which is brought into or out of the territory of Indonesia.

      Community Support
      Efforts to prevent the occurrence of money laundering in Indonesia, it needs the participation and support of the community.

      Although there are provisions on anti-money laundering, there is nothing to worry about saving money in the bank. If your money is clean, why should uncomfortable?

      “Deployed as part of the Public Education Programme for the implementation of the Indonesian Banking Architecture”

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