Bank Jatim Syariah has been online integrated with the Computerized Integrated Management System for Umrah and Special Hajj (SISKOPATUH) of the Indonesian Ministry of Religion. Therefore customers who register for Umrah are immediately recorded by the Ministry of Religion and get certainty about the portion of Umrah

  1. Registration Procedure
    1. Firstly, the congregation registers for Umrah at a travel agency that is officially licensed and gets an SPU (Umrah Registration Letter)
    2. After that the congregation is directed to pay the down payment of IDR 10,000,000 to any Islamic bank that has been determined by the Ministry of Religion by bringing SPU
    3. Then the congregation will get an NPU (Definite Umrah Number) from a sharia bank and can already check the departure schedule on the 'Smart Umrah' application on all androids
    4. If it is approaching departure the travel agency will notify you for payment in full through a sharia bank to get proof of Umrah payment and the regulations of the Ministry of Religion, if it is in the amount of IDR 20,000,000, - it is considered as FULL PAID
    5. Lastly, insurance payments during the Umrah trip are usually included in the cost of the Umrah package chosen by the congregation

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