Simpel iB Saving

The saving account by using wadiah yad dhamanah which are suitable for the young, creative, and simple. It intend for students under 17 years and do not have KTP and can be withdrawn at any time.

    1. Secure customer fund;
    2. Would be included in government guarantee program.;
    3. Free Monthly administration fee;
    1. This Savings are for Indonesian student.
    2. Intended for student who under 17 years old and do not have KTP.
    3. Parents can authorize the school (school officials appointed) or any other party for opening SimPel iB Account.
    4. A student is only allowed to have 1 (one) SimPel iB account at the same bank.
    5. Not allowed for joint account.
    6. Withdrawal transaction , deposit, and transfer can be served in schools and all the bank chanells as requested by customer and bank policy.
    7. Fill the form and akad Tabungan SImpel iB.
    1. Monthly administration fee Free
    2. Minimum initial deposit Rp1.000,00
    3. Minimum Next deposit Rp1.000,00
    4. Minimum balance Rp1.000,00
    5. Book change fee Bebas biaya
    6. Account closing fee Rp1.000,00
    *) The terms and conditions can be change at any time

For futher information about our product, please call Info Bank Jatim 14044 or come directly to the nearst Bank jatim Syariah.