Investment Financing and Working Capital Financing

Investment Financing

Financing facility whose use is intended to finance investments or procurement of capital goods that are not used up in the business cycle. This financing facility are using akad Murabahah, Ijarah Muntahiyah Bit Tamlik (IMBT) and Qardh.

Working Capital Financing

Financing facility that uses to meet working capital needs for carrying out business activities and usually will run out in one production cycle, such as for the procurement of raw materials or to finance a lack of other operational costs.


  1. Individual
  2. Business Entity (BUMN, BUMD, BUMS)


  1. Open an account at Bank Jatim Syariah
  2. Submitting an Application Letter
  3. Provide the required documents and submit a fixed asset / immovable property guarantee
  4. Attach the management structure and a copy of business administrator’s identity (KTP/SIM/PASPOR) and NPWP
  5. Attach the legality of Institution/company deed establishment, AD/ART, Amendment Deed (if available) SIUP/TDP/NPWP/and other permits
  6. Attach company financial statements for the last 2 years
  7. Submission above IDR 10 billion must to submit a financial reports audited by Public Accountants
  8. Submit a copy of the Financial Report that is attached to the Annual Income Tax Return (SPT Tahunan PPh) and copy of Annual Tax Return (SPT Tahunan)
  9. Attach RAB (Cost Budget Plan) dan gambar serta perjanjian pembangunan atau renovasi bagi pembiayaan investasi gedung
  10. Providing realization fees (administration fee, Notary, materai, Insurance and Collateral Appraisal)
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