Virtual Account

Bank Jatim Virtual Account is a special number intended for business partners as payment instruments for business partners to customers. Where each deposit of the Bank Jatim Virtual Account, the system automatically book into the Main Account by stating the data of the Virtual Account Number and Name

  • Feature
    • Bank Jatim Virtual Account Number as an account for the purpose of transfer and identification of Biller partners / Biller customers.
    • The Bank Jatim Virtual Account number and name appear in the Customer's bank account
    • Payment through Bank Jatim Teller
    • 8 digit end of Virtual Number, free to be determined by the company
    • Bank Jatim Bank Jatim Virtual Accountconsists of 24 Digit Numbers, the first 8 digits are numbers formed by the Bank Jatim system and a maximum of 16 digits of the second number can be determined freely by the customer with the following example: 1-2345 - 678 - 1122334455667788
  • Terms & Conditions
    1. Agencies / institutions sign Bank Jatim Bank Jatim Virtual Account cooperation agreement.
    2. Agencies / agencies fill out the Bank Jatim Virtual Account registration application form
    3. The Bank Jatim Virtual Account user must be an individual registered with the agency / institution / legal entity in collaboration with Bank Jatim
    4. Agencies / institutions as mentioned in points 1 and 2 can use Bank Jatim Virtual Account services for Receipt transactions from the user's Virtual Account Bank Jatim as mentioned in point number 3
    5. Users as mentioned in point 3 can use Bank Jatim Virtual Account services for payment transactions to accounts of agencies / institutions / legal entities in collaboration with Bank Jatim
  • Advantages
    • Helping the customers in the reconciliation of sales results to proceed fast and efficiently
    • For simplification and efficiency in managing Customer income accounts
    • For Business Partners Customers are given the option to be able to use access through various Bank Jatim Channels
    • Customers can reconcile the results of bill payments quickly and accurately
    • Facilitate and expedite the process of billing or depositing the proceeds from the sale of the Customer from the customer / business partner into the Customer's account
    • A relatively short implementation time
    • Transaction results can be viewed online through the Bank Jatim Customer Self Service (CSS) application or Bank Jatim Internet Corporate Banking.
    • Business Partners Customers are not required to have an account at Bank Jatim
    • Ensure the truth of information (the identity of the payer) that enters the company account
    • Virtual numbers can be identification numbers for company partners
  • Excellences
    • Transactions are faster
    • Improve the image and corporate image products of business partners
    • The Virtual Account system has been registered and supervised by Otoritas Jasa Keuangan

    For further information, please contact the BANK INFO JATIM in 14044 or contact the branch office nearest Bank Jatim