schedule and procedure for cash dividend bank jatim for fiscal year 2012

Date: 28 march 2013

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PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Timur, Tbk, 2013 has been implementing the Annual General Meeting (AGM) Year Book 2012 on March 27 2013 which took place at the Grand Ballroom-Shangri-La Hotel Surabaya. AGM is the first time since the Bank Jatim became a public company. In AGM reported and approved by the Shareholders that the profit successfully collected by Bank Jatim in 2012 amounted Rp724.639.313.908, 99 for net profit, used for Rp592.754.958.777, 55 for dividends and for Rp131.884.355.131,44 is used as a general reserve. For Dividend Payout Ratio AGM Bank Jatim for Fiscal Year 2012 was 81.8%. Further to the Dividend each Share which is a Shareholder Rights is Rp39, 74 per share. Here's information on some important dates related to the schedule of cash dividends 1. End of Trading Period which still contains the right dividend (cum dividend)
  • Regular (18 April 2013)
  • Cash Market (23 April 2013)
2. Early trading period that do not contain the right dividends (ex dividend)
  • Regular (19 April 2013)
  • Cash Market (24 April 2013)
3. Date list of Shareholders entitled Dividend (Recording Date)     (23 April 2013)    4. Cash Dividend Payment Date (3 May 2013)   5. Evidence Distribution Date Withholding Taxes on Dividends (17 May 2013)