ambulance, bank jatim csr program health care

Date: 19 october 2012

Categories : CSR, CSR

ambulance lamongan  CSR Bank Jatim is very concerned with improving public services especially in health. As a form of social responsibility and environmental company that has been regulated in Law. No. 40 year 2007 on Limited Liability Companies, then it should be Bank Jatim participate in helping and empowering environment / community around the company.   One of the obvious form of social responsibility and environmental companies, Bank Jatim through CSR programs in the health sector donated 1 unit ambulance to the hospital Dr. Soegiri Lamongan. Providing ambulance assistance aims to improve public services in the health sector, especially the ambulance users. Cooperation between Bank Jatim Branch Lamongan with Hospital Dr. Soegiri actually been going on in the implementation of Cataract Surgery for the poor community from August to October 2011.   Handover assistance CSR as 1 unit ambulance Suzuki APV Type is directly provided by the Bank Jatim Branch Manager Lamongan Moch. Yunus to the Hospital Director Dr. Soegiri Lamongan dr. Dwi Yulianto Martono. The handover ceremony was held in front of the Hospital Outpatient Dr agency. Soegiri on October 19, 2012.   Bank Jatim programs similar CSR previously also been given to the Hospital Prof. Dr. Soekandar Mojokerto, and PMI Tuban. Future Bank Jatim CSR ambulance assistance that will be realized also in Surabaya Social Services, PMI of Malang Regency, PMI Pacitan and hospitals Blambangan Banyuwangi. The ambulance assistance is a concern Bank Jatim to the people in terms of health, in which health is one concern CSR program Bank Jatim, (cap).