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Surabaya|Monday, 03 May 2021, PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Timur Tbk (bankjatim) held an Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for the 2020 Financial Year (RUPST TB 2020), in Bromo Room, bankjatim Head Office 5th floor, Surabaya. Just like the previous year's RUPS, this time the RUPS is still being held in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic. However, bankjatim has prepared various scenarios and protocols to anticipate the spread of Covid-19 for the sake of smoothness and comfort for shareholders who want to follow the RUPS.

The Governor of East Java, Khofifah Indar Parawansa, represented the East Java Provincial Government as the Controlling Shareholder. On this occasion, Khofifah expressed his gratitude for the support of bankjatim for strengthening MSMEs. "In the future, we want to remain focused on providing MSME assistance and providing financing and strengthening of MSMEs in order to penetrate the domestic and foreign markets," said Khofifah.

In addition, Khofifah also appreciated the digitalization of the system that had been carried out by bankjatim so that it became an important note as part of the expansion of the digitalization of the system that all financial institutions in Indonesia had to do and adapt.

In its implementation, there are several scenarios of the 2020 RUPS activities. The first scenario is that shareholders can authorize the Securities Administration Bureau without reducing the shareholder's right to attend. The next scenario, shareholders who wish to attend the RUPS without attending in person can watch the RUPS implementation via live streaming.

For health reasons, bankjatim does not provide food / drink, and does not provide souvenirs to shareholders who have attended in person. In addition, shareholders who attend RUPS activities are required to comply with established health procedures in accordance with applicable health protocols.

AGENDA RUPS TB 2020 including:

1. Approval of the Company's Annual Report Regarding the Condition and Operations of the Company during the 2020 Financial Year Including the Report on the Implementation of Supervisory Duties of the Board of Commissioners during the 2020 Financial Year and Ratification of the Company's Financial Statements for the 2020 Financial Year;

2. Determination of the use of the Company's Net Profits for the 2020 Fiscal Year including the provision of bonuses for employees as well as bonuses and remuneration for the Board of Directors and the Board of Commissioners;

3. To authorize the Board of Commissioners to appoint a public accounting firm in auditing the Company's financial statements for the 2021 financial year;

4. Amendments to the Articles of Association;

5. Taking Corporate Actions Related to Subsidiary Companies, namely the Establishment of Regional Securities Companies (Fifth Agenda still requires further study and adjusting the Company's priority scale going forward. Regarding this matter cannot be discussed and further decided at this Meeting);

6. Changes in the Composition of the Management of the Company.

With the completion of the preparation of the bankjatim Annual Report for the 2020 Financial Year, so that it can be reported and accounted for at the RUPS. In addition, the Public Accounting Firm has also completed the Audited Financial Statements for the 2020 Fiscal Year with fair opinions in all material matters.

In his report, the President Director of bankjatim conveyed the financial performance of bankjatim for the 2020 financial year which showed good performance and grew when compared to the same period in the previous year (Year on Year / YoY). When compared with the performance of the banking industry nationally and regionally East Java, bankjatim performance growth is above the average growth.

"Based on the performance in December 2020, bankjatim assets were recorded at Rp. 83.62 trillion or grew 8.94%, bankjatim's net profit was recorded at Rp. 1.49 trillion or grew 8.13% (YoY). During the 2020 Financial Year, bankjatim Third Party Funds (DPK) recorded a growth of 13.08% (YoY), namely Rp. 68.47 trillion. The growth of third party funds shows that public trust in bankjatim has increased, "explained Busrul.

"In terms of financing, this time bankjatim was able to record positive credit growth even though in the midst of a pandemic, which grew 8.16% (YoY) or equal to Rp. 41.48 trillion. Credit in the consumption sector was the highest contributor, amounting to Rp. 24.35 trillion or grew by 5.42% (YoY). Followed by a commercial credit of Rp. 10.33 trillion or a growth of 11.95% and credit in the MSME sector of Rp. 6.80 trillion or a growth of 12.86%, ”said Busrul.

The composition of bankjatim financial ratios for the period December 2020 includes Return on Equity (ROE) of 18.77%, Net Interest Margin (NIM) of 5.55%, and Return On Assets (ROA) of 1.95%. Meanwhile, Operational Costs compared to Operational Income (BOPO) were still maintained at 77.76%.

During the 2020 Book Year, bankjatim has been trusted by the government to become one of the BPDs channeling the National Economic Recovery (PEN) fund. This trust is an opportunity and one of the bankjatim instruments that bankjatim must maximize to improve company performance and encourage economic recovery in East Java, especially in the midst of a pandemic. Technically, the PEN fund distribution mechanism is carried out in 2 (two) patterns, namely direct loans and two step loans distributed to the MSME, Consumption, and Corporate sectors.

The composition of bankjatim financial ratios for the period December 2020 includes Return on Equity (ROE) of 18.77%, Net Interest Margin (NIM) of 5.55%, and Return On Assets (ROA) of 1.95%. Meanwhile, Operational Costs compared to Operational Income (BOPO) were still maintained at 77.76%.

President Director of bankjatim Busrul Iman said that bankjatim together with the East Java Provincial Government, OJK, Bank Indonesia and Stake Holders have taken concrete steps in economic recovery by channeling PEN Funds in several districts / cities in East Java. "As of December 31, 2020, bankjatim has successfully distributed PEN Funds to 72,499 debtors with a nominal value of Rp. 6.86 trillion and managed to achieve 171.58% of the determined nominal target, ”explained Busrul.

At the 2020 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, bankjatim managed to distribute dividends of Rp. 48.85 / share. This value is an increase from the previous year's dividend of Rp. 48.20 / share. Overall, the total dividends distributed to shareholders amounted to Rp. 733,507,081,305.70 or 49.26% of net profit for the 2020 financial year. The distribution of dividends which always increases every year makes BJTM shares one of the people's favorite stocks to invest in.

At the RUPST for the 2020 Fiscal Year, there were changes in the management. bankjatim honorably dismissed members of the Board of Commissioners whose term of office had ended, namely President Commissioner Akhmad Sukardi, Commissioner Budi Setiawan, Independent Commissioner Candra Fajri Ananda, and Independent Commissioner Rudi Purwono. In addition, the meeting also agreed to reappoint Candra Fajri Ananda as Independent Commissioner. So that the composition of the Board of Commissioners of bankjatim after the implementation of the 2020 GMS is as follows:

Independent Commissioner :Muhammad Mas’ud

Independent Commissioner :Candra Fajri Ananda

Commissioner :Heru Tjahjono


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