Bank Jatim and Madiun Regency Government Launch E-Retribution Market & Siskeudes

Date: 19 september 2023

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MADIUN, September 19, 2023. PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Timur Tbk or bankjatim continues to carry out various digital transformations in order to create business acceleration. One of the efforts that has been made is the launching of E-Retribution Market and Siskeudes in Madiun on Tuesday (19/9). Located in Pendopo Ronggo Jumeno Caruban, the activity was attended by bankjatim IT and Digital Director Zulhelfi Abidin and Madiun Regent Ahmad Dawami.

Zulhelfi explained, as is well known, currently the development of technology is very rapid and continues to grow rapidly. Seeing this, bankjatim is required to be able to follow technological advances in the banking sector in order to meet the service needs of the community, villages, and district governments.

"As a form of bankjatim's contribution in supporting the government program Village Non-Cash Application (CMS-Siskeudes) which is one of the collaborations between the Madiun Regency Government, bankjatim, BPKP and the Ministry of Home Affairs, of course bankjatim fully supports the application to realize effective, efficient, transparent and accountable financial management, especially in the Madiun Regency area," he explained.

According to Zulhelfi, with the CMS-Siskeudes application there will be many advantages that can be obtained. Among other things, it is safer because it is no longer necessary to carry cash, orderly taxes because it can reduce leakage of tax payments in the village, facilitate financial transactions to remote areas of the village, time efficiency, and transactions and administration are more organized and can be recorded properly.

"Currently, our target in implementing CMS-Siskeudes has been completed in 198 villages in Madiun Regency. The hope is that Madiun Regency can become a pioneer towards digital village transformation in East Java which will make Madiun more prosperous and prosperous," said Zulhelfi.

In addition to the CMS-Siskeudes application, bankjatim has also supported the Market E-Retribution program in Madiun Regency. E-Retribution is one of the implementations as a step in developing electronification of local government revenue transactions. So, in addition to being able to provide convenience to market traders, it can also provide benefits for local governments, namely managing revenue more safely and efficiently, on the occasion also launching online markets and Bumdes Mitra bankjatim. Currently, Bumdes in Madiun Regency that have cooperated with bankjatim have reached 71. "Of course this is very influential in improving services in terms of providing, using, and maintaining market facilities which currently have recorded 5 of the 19 markets in Madiun Regency that run E-Retribution markets," said Zulhelfi.

His party hopes that with the running of CMS-Siskeudes and E-Retribution Market, regional financial transactions can be more efficient, transparent, and accountable which in turn can increase Madiun Regency's Regional Original Revenue (PAD). To achieve this, continued Zulhelfi, it takes good synergy between the Madiun Regency Government, bankjatim, and all elements of the Madiun Regency community. "Hopefully bankjatim Madiun Branch can continue to synergize hand in hand with the program run by the Madiun Regency Government as a shareholder to increase economic growth and develop regional potential," said Zulhelfi.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Dawami hopes that with the existence of E-Retribution Market and Siskeudes, it can make it easier for the community and government in terms of managing financial revenues. "Hopefully, the various innovations that have been made can overcome various problems that occur in society and can help and facilitate financial management in government so that it is more effective, efficient, transparent and accountable," he concluded.