Bank Jatim Encourages Blitar Chocolate Village to Explore Overseas Market

Date: 28 may 2023

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BLITAR, May 28, 2023. PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Timur Tbk or bankjatim is getting more aggressive to continue to encourage various companies to export. One of them is PT Kampung Coklat Blitar. This is because the center of the largest cocoa producing area has proven to have unquestionable chocolate quality. The tourist destination is also never empty of visitors.

Director of Finance, Treasury, and Global Services bankjatim Edi Masrianto explained, the value of Kampung Coklat can be further increased if the company can export itself and open new markets in various parts of the world. "Bankjatim can facilitate exports by way of L/C. The benefits are many. One of them is that the seller is protected from importers who do not pay," he explained.

Edi emphasized, bankjatim is committed to providing assistance to businesses that have the potential and eager to explore the global market. "We are currently aggressively providing education to entrepreneurs until they understand about exports and can make shipments abroad by themselves," he explained.

Because according to Edi, if a company is able to export independently, the benefits will be very much. Among other things, profits increase, have a high selling value, and the market reach will be wider. "With a wide market reach, business people will certainly produce a larger number of products. So that the scale of the product will also be greater than selling it domestically," he said.

In response, Owner of PT Kampung Coklat Blitar Kholid Mustofa explained that so far his company has not exported independently. "So we are still subbing, not directly exporting. There is a warehouse in Surabaya that packs and exports our goods," he explained.

But, Kholid is very grateful that bankjatim continues to accompany his business during this time. What's more, it has been given very much input about export and import. "We have two products, namely chocolate beans and processed chocolate. If the seeds are exported. We take it to the warehouse in romokalisari, then packaged by them. For the processed ones, we market them in the gallery here and also online. For the online one, we have a big buyer from Taiwan who buys 6 quintals of chocolate from us every month," Kholid said.

Today, Blitar Chocolate Village has become one of the mainstay destinations for tourists when they want to visit Blitar. In this place, visitors can see a chocolate plantation covering an area of 5.3 hectares.

"We started this chocolate farming from 250 square meters of land and thank God until it can be like now. I hope that in the future bankjatim can continue to support us not only financially, but also provide various kinds of direction for business development, "he concluded.