Bank Jatim gives CSR to revitalize Jombang square

Date: 17 november 2023

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JOMBANG, NOVEMBER 16, 2023. As a form of corporate social responsibility to the community, PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Timur Tbk (bankjatim) has officially handed over Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) assistance to the Jombang Regency Government in the form of revitalizing the Jombang Regency Square. Located at the Jombang Regency Hall, the assistance was symbolically handed over by bankjatim's AVP of Corporate Communications Bambang Supriadi to the Acting Regent of Jombang Sugiat on Thursday (16/11).

The President Director of bankjatim Busrul Iman explained, the revitalization of Jombang Regency Square is an effort to arrange the square and make the square a future landmark to be a place of pride for the surrounding community. In addition, it can also be used as a place for social interaction of the Jombang community which is recreational, educational, and informative. "There are several objectives in providing assistance for the revitalization of Jombang Square. First, to develop the physical completeness of green open space in the form of construction and rehabilitation activities. Second, to provide ease of accessibility to the community. Third, to provide proper pedestrian access and ceremony space," he explained.

According to Busrul, the revitalization of the square actually has a broad meaning in providing benefits to the local community. This is because many economic activities are stretched in the square area. In addition, the square can also be a place for various activities and tourist destinations for residents. "If the square is good, then the community must be happy. Now, with the more active function of the square, the economic independence and equitable distribution of community welfare in Jombang Regency will be realized," he said.

Revitalization of Jombang Square, which is a public open space, is expected to add beauty and increase the attractiveness of the community and visitors when coming to Jombang. So that the Jombang icon can be even stronger. "The provision of CSR from bankjatim is a form of our love and concern for the people of Jombang who have given trust and support in the sustainability of bankjatim's business. We are committed to always be present with a variety of services to provide convenience in transactions to the community, "said Busrul.

Meanwhile, Jombang Regent Sugiat was grateful and thankful for the revitalization of the square by bankjatim. According to him, the arrangement of the square does need to be done to make it more representative. "Hopefully this assistance will be useful to support the Jombang district government program and can indirectly benefit the surrounding community. We also hope that the synergy with bankjatim in the future will be even closer," he said.