bank jatim renovation 100 houses not livable

Date: 27 october 2012

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Through program of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Bank Jatim provide financial assistance for the renovation of 100 RTLH (House No Livable) for the disadvantaged people in Jombang. The signing of the MOU Conducted ??in the district court, between President Director Bank Jatim Hadi Sukrianto and Regent of Jombang Suyanto.
President Director Sukrianto Hadi in his speech said that the Rp 500 million disbursed to poor communities in Jombang for home renovation. Assistance fund the renovation is a commitment of Bank Jatim for help Jombang people whose homes were not suitable for habitation. Bank Jatim CSR funds were used renovations 100 homes located in five districts and 55 villages in Jombang, among others:

  1. subdistrict Bandar Kedung Mulyo: 22 units
  2. subdistrict Kudu: 20 units
  3. subdistrict Megaluh: 26 units
  4. subdistrict Jogoroto: 14 units
  5. subdistrict Ngusikan: 18 units 

According to Hadi, in helping the SMEs progress Bank Jatim until now disburse Rp 1.3 trillion in funding through the People's Business Credit (KUR). "We also support to SMEs located in Jombang, so the growth of the business in Jombang getting better. The amount of funding for SMEs make KUR Bank Jatim was chosen as the best bank provincial level, "he said.   Regent of Jombang, Suyanto, welcomed the Bank CSR program Jatim with the rehabilitation and renovations houses of poor in the region. He also expressed readiness to give assistance in the implementation of CSR programs, because synergistic with local government policy Jombang. "The funding for the rehabilitation and renovation of the house is derived from the Bank Jatim while the poor are the object of CSR are citizens Jombang. That's why there needs MoU so that the program can run well and on target, "said Suyanto.   One of the targets in the medium term development plan area Jombang years 2009-2013 gave priority to repairs uninhabitable housing for people who are less able. Based on a survey in Jombang actually still contained 47,860 units RTLH category of poor households. (admin)