bank jatim renovation two spotted deer cages surabaya zoo (KBS)

Date: 11 september 2012

Categories : CSR

renovation surabaya zoo
Bank Jatim in CSR program continues to give and share with the community and care for the environment. As a form of responsibility in CSR programs, Bank Jatim participate in the development and preservation public facilities. Tuesday (09/11/2012), which coincides with the 96th anniversary of the Surabaya Zoo (KBS), Bank Jatim inaugurated
two potted deer Cages. Public facilities that are an icon of city Surabaya and East Java does require total renewal and improvement in every element that is already obsolete age.
As the East Java Regional Development Bank, Bank Jatim saw KBS situation is very alarming, especially with the mission and vision of KBS itself is for the sake of conservation, education and research, and recreation for the community then it is appropriate that the Bank Jatim participate assist in the development and preservation of KBS.
through CSR, Bank Jatim donate Rp. 54,000,000, - for repair or renovation of two spotted deer cages which are necessary due to inadequate conditions and falls short of the standard. In two cages repair spotted deer, the CSR Bank Jatim is used among others for dredging and new soil replacement, repair rivet wire fence, cages fabrication background relief, as well as food / drink, shelter to shelter repairs, painting and enrichment home and garden.
  Ida Martingingsih from the Corporate Secretary, Bank Jatim said, "With renovated two spotted deer cages KBS hopefully can increase traffic and public convenience at KBS future. Furthermore Ida hope KBS can keep Cages / environment around animals that maintain the health of animals there and the process of conservation, education and recreation for the public to walk properly, "said Ida.(cap)