Bank Jatim Strengthens Synergy with East Java High Prosecutor's Office

Date: 09 august 2023

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SURABAYA, August 9, 2023. PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Timur Tbk or bankjatim continues to establish synergies with the East Java High Prosecutor's Office. One of the concrete proofs of synergy is by signing an extension of the Cooperation Agreement on Handling Legal Issues in the Civil and State Administration. Located in the Bromo Room bankjatim Head Office, the agreement was signed directly by the President Director of bankjatim Busrul Iman and the Chief Prosecutor of East Java Mia Amiati on Wednesday (9/8).

Busrul explained that bankjatim had previously carried out a cooperation agreement with the East Java High Prosecutor's Office on April 6, 2021 on Handling Legal Problems in the Civil and State Administration Sector which was followed by 23 bankjatim branches with the District Attorney's Office according to their respective regions. "Of course the cooperation provides many benefits to bankjatim," he said.

The benefits include acting for and on behalf of bankjatim in dealing with legal problems inside and outside the court, providing legal opinions to mitigate legal risks, and providing socialization and legal education to bankjatim employees in banking operations.

"Not only that, the Prosecutor's Office also carries out the authority of the Prosecutor as executor, assisting the purchase of bankjatim assets, handling civil cases in court for lawsuits involving bankjatim, and efforts to reduce NPLs due to the progress of payment and repayment of non-performing loans," said Busrul.

He also emphasized, to maintain active communication with the Prosecutor's Office and as an effort to restore bank losses through the authority of the civil and state administration of the East Java High Prosecutor's Office and mitigate legal risks that could potentially occur in banking operations, it is necessary to extend the cooperation agreement on handling legal issues in the field of civil and state administration between bankjatim and the East Java High Prosecutor's Office. "We hope that the extension of this cooperation agreement can improve the friendship and synergy that has been well established between bankjatim and the East Java High Prosecutor's Office," Busrul said.

On the occasion, the Head of the East Java High Prosecutor's Office Mia Amiati hopes that the signing of this cooperation agreement is not only limited to ceremonial. But there is an implementation of how the East Java High Prosecutor's Office can assist bankjatim to carry out various activities by utilizing the entire role of the state attorney's function.

According to Mia, there are several roles of state attorney prosecutors that can be utilized by bankjatim. Among other things, legal assistance in the realm of civil and state administration as well as legal assistance related to legal audits, legal assistance, and legal opinions.

"The role of state attorney prosecutors can also be through other legal actions by facilitating mediators to find the best solution to existing legal problems and we can also provide legal services to all levels of bankjatim personally, because every citizen has the right to use the services of state attorney prosecutors," Mia explained.

Her side also expressed gratitude for the trust of bankjatim which has extended this cooperation agreement. "If there are legal problems that have the potential to hamper the implementation of bankjatim tasks can be directly submitted to the Prosecutor's Office so that all levels of bankjatim can focus on carrying out banking activities," said Mia.