bank jatim success achieved the best exhibitor award

Date: 02 november 2013

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Bank Jatim Sukses Meraih Best Exhibitor Award 

With proper preparation, Bank Jatim won the "Best Exhibitor" in the Investor Summit and Capital Market Expo 2013 organized by the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), the Financial Services Authority (FSA), Indonesian Clearing and Guarantee Corporation (KPEI) and Central Depository Securities Indonesia (KSEI). Investor Summit this time more lively with a variety of event activities consist of exhibitions (expo), presentation issuers, and talk of the Self Regulatory Organizations (SROs), government and expert practitioners and capital market actors.

"This is an award that is very encouraging, because the issuer can still be considered new, East Java Bank beat other big companies such as Jasa Marga, Panin Asset Management, RHB OSK Securities, CIMB Securities, Pembangunan Jaya Ancol, Sucorinvest Central Gani, Bank Mestika Dharma , and several public company (PT) other. It shows the spirit of Investor Relations Unit Bank Jatim which I know they are concerned in carrying out their duties in preparing something, our hope is to be maintained "said Hadi Sukrianto, Director of Bank Jatim.

In keeping with the theme, the concept of the exhibition concept aircraft. The tenants and visitors will be taken to the atmosphere as if it were on the plane. Thursday (31/10) Bank Jatim has described the financial performance in the form of a presentation by the entire board of directors, which is exactly at 13:30 to 14:30 pm, among others, on the Bank's financial performance period September 2013 East Java which has developed very encouraging compared with the September 2012 position. To follow this presentation participants are required to register online in accordance with the organizing committee will provide doorprizes for every visitor presentations (every visitor get coupons doorprizes presentation).

During the two (2) days from Wednesday (30/10) to Thursday (31/10), Bank Jatim open exhibition stand from 08.00 am until 20:00 pm which gave offerings to the community by offering superior products Bank Jatim, among other facilities that provide Simpeda Savings ATM card free cash withdrawals at ATMs Bank Jatim, ATM Bersama and ATM Prima and can be used in discharge prime BCA and other benefits. In addition, also promoted to mortgage loan scheme Bank Jatim and others as well as share information about Bank Jatim with BJTM code. At the exhibition stand also held a coin in a fish bowl guess, where each visitor is given an opportunity to sign the guest book terms only to guess the number of coins with the prize winner 1 (Rp 750.000, -), champion 2 (Rp 500.000, -) and champion 3 (Rp 250,000, -). Announcements guess the coin was announced at the last session of October 31, 2013 at 17:15 to 17:45, because the Bank Jatim also held sessions in the promotion of the event with a duration of 30 minutes each sessionnya. Through MC quiz given to visitors to climb to the public stage and given questions about Bank Jatim (companies, products, services) and who managed to answer given the gimmick merchandise.

The complete category have been met for the Java Bank awarded Best Exhibitor 2013 Investor Summit and Capital Market in 2013 according to criteria of the Indonesia Stock Exchange, namely:

1. Interaction is good between staff and visitors;

2. Attractive booth design and fit the theme;

3. Guard booth helpfull and informative.

4. The highest number of visitors

"We are thankful and grateful for this award were achieved also under the direction and guidance of the Board of Directors as well as the support of other Division and Branch of Bank Jatim" said Lerem Pundilaras, Acting Corporate Secretary. Added by East Ferdian Satyagraha, Investor Relations Unit Supervisor, "in addition won Best Exhibitor, within 2 days we managed to get 14 new customers who open bank accounts directly East Java with a total balance of USD 37.9 million and the number of visitors to the stand jatim banks over 400 as recently as the target customer references who can be contacted from visitors who have filled in the guest book at the exhibition stand of the Bank Jatim ". (iru)