Festive 62nd Anniversary, Bank Jatim Launching JConnect Pro

Date: 21 august 2023

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SURABAYA, August 20, 2023. PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Timur Tbk or bankjatim will be 62 years old on August 17, 2023. Commemorating the anniversary celebration, bankjatim held various series of Anniversary events. Among others, Jatim Got Talent, Sound of Downtown Vol 5, Traditional Competition, Pingpong, Field Tennis, Badminton, E-Sport, Jatimers Run Fest, fishing, futsal, Jatimers Teaching, donations to orphanages and nursing homes, khatmil quran, to regional head football.

Not enough of that. The peak of bankjatim's anniversary event was also packaged festively held on Sunday, August 20, 2023, at Grand City Surabaya. Starting with Sunmori, Gowes, and Poundfit activities, all Jatimers seemed very excited. Also present in the series of bankjatim anniversary peak events were East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa, Surabaya Mayor Eri Cahyadi, the entire board of commissioners of bankjatim, and the entire board of directors of bankjatim.

President Director of bankjatim Busrul Iman explained, on this 62nd birthday bankjatim raised the theme Grow Together. The hope is that bankjatim's performance can continue to grow and transform towards a digital bank with highly competitive human resources. In addition, at the age of 62 this year it invites stakeholders and shareholders to jointly contribute to economic growth in East Java and Indonesia. "We invite all elements of society to synergize, collaborate and grow together in realizing the transformation of Digital Banking bankjatim towards BPD number 1 in Indonesia," he said.

In every movement bankjatim ranging from services to products are always oriented towards the benefit and benefit of the community. Therefore, the issuer with the BJTM code feels encouraged to always improve services. "Our business moves in three pillars. First, how to provide added value and benefits to local government officials, both provincial and district, including all ASNs. Second, how do we provide benefits and benefits to MSMEs because East Java is a warehouse for MSMEs. Third, banking services to the general public," said Busrul.

Therefore, Busrul still hopes for support from all communities and stakeholders for business acceleration that not only grows organically, but also non-organically. "In an effort to grow the business non-organically, we have taken corporate action in the form of KUB formation. We have collaborated with several BPDs such as Bank NTB Syariah," he said.

As for the peak of bankjatim's anniversary, many new products were launched. Among others, JConnect Pro, Pendulum Foreign Exchange Village, and Regional Government Credit Card (KKPD). Busrul said, through JConnect Pro, people can now open bankjatim accounts online anytime and anywhere without having to come directly to the office. Only by filling in personal data and verifying data with video banking, then customers can already have a bankjatim account. Fast and practical.

"The market potential of this JConnect Pro service is still very wide open and the launch of this new product is also to improve competitiveness, product image, and corporate image bankjatim," explained Busrul. He is committed to continue to provide convenience and comfort to customers by aggressively making various innovations to optimize the JConnect mobile banking application.

In addition to JConnect Pro, bankjatim also launched the Local Government Credit Card (KKPD) which can facilitate the need to purchase goods and services, as well as capital expenditures and official travel needs through digitalization. Then there is also the launching of the Foreign Exchange Pendulum Village in order to participate in the success of the provincial government program, namely Empowered East Java.

Busrul explained, the Foreign Exchange Pendulum Village launched at the 62nd Anniversary Summit this year is a bankjatim assisted village that has great potential to be developed and marketed abroad. "The role of bankjatim in this case is to provide coaching from upstream to downstream to selected villages that have certain superior export-quality commodities. This is a form of synergy between bankjatim and the local government," he explained.

This time, the inaugurated Foreign Exchange Pendulum Village is Malang with pameling avocado commodity, Kediri with simplex honey pineapple commodity, Pacitan with spices commodity, and Ngawi with craft commodity. "Together with bankjatim towards a glorious future." Busrul added.

In addition to the launching, the 62nd anniversary of bankjatim also took place UMKM Awards as an appreciation to bankjatim debtors who have helped improve the welfare of the surrounding community, create jobs, and contribute to economic progress. "Today there is also a Cycle Draw titled bankjatim Siklusphoria and there is a guest star Bunga Citra Lestari. All of this we do as a form of appreciation for customers and stake holders who have supported bankjatim, "he said.

Meanwhile, in her speech, East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa stated, bankjatim must continue to synergize and collaborate with all stakeholders. According to her, the role of bankjatim in the economic growth of East Java is very important. Especially in supporting MSMEs considering the growth of MSMEs in East Java is very significant. "We must continue to encourage MSME players to penetrate foreign markets. We are happy that bankjatim has also fostered export-oriented villages through the Foreign Exchange Pendulum Village. All of that must continue to be improved so that business people have the conclusion that exporting is very easy," she explained. Khofifah hopes bankjatim can continue to grow together in order to realize the expectations of the people of East Java and be able to become the number one BPD in Indonesia.

Surabaya Mayor Eri Cahyadi also said that he really felt the presence of bankjatim in helping the Surabaya City Government. Especially in the field of MSMEs and other policies. "Every major activity of Surabaya City Government must have bankjatim. We hope that bankjatim's performance will grow rapidly and always have a positive impact on economic growth," he said.

Related to performance, bankjatim successfully passed the first semester of 2023 with good performance. During the first semester of this year, bankjatim lending was able to record a significant increase above the average of 13.02 percent (YoY). For the highest credit growth occurred in the commercial and MSME sectors by 25.55 percent (YoY) and the consumer sector 5.77 percent (YoY).

Bankjatim's digital banking performance has also increased. For JConnect during the first semester of 2023 managed to score positive numbers. JConnect Mobile users in the first semester of this year have reached 566 thousand users or grew 30 percent (YoY). Meanwhile, the number of transactions was at Rp 3.4 trillion, up 35 percent compared to Semester I 2022 (YoY). Furthermore, JConnect IB Corporate users are at 7,550 or up 23 percent (YoY) with a total transaction of Rp 853 billion. Then, the number of Jatim Agents during the first semester of 2023 amounted to 4,853 users or grew 30 percent (YoY) with a total transaction of Rp 7.2 billion.