It's Easier to Pay for the KIR Test Using Bank Jatim Mobile

Date: 04 march 2021

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PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Timur Tbk. (bankjatim) continues to develop innovations, especially in the field of digital banking services. This time bankjatim is collaborating with the Tuban Regency Government's Transportation Agency (Dishub) in facilitating the payment of the commercial vehicle feasibility test / KIR test using the Quick Response Indonesia Standard (QRIS). As is well known QRIS is one of the most popular payment methods in the community today.

Payment for the KIR test via QRIS itself can be made through the bankjatim mobile banking application (bankjatim mobile) which can be downloaded through the Appstore and Play Store. Currently the Tuban Transportation Agency is a pilot project, but in the future KIR test payments through bankjatim QRIS can be done in all Regency / City Transportation Agency in East Java. This is done as a form of implementation of the Regional Government Transaction Electronification (ETP). The development of this innovation is in line with the government's efforts to increase the implementation of non-cash transactions at the Regency / City Regional Government, especially in the midst of the current pandemic. This collaboration has been running since February 2021 and is expected to contribute to increasing Regional Original Income (PAD) through retribution and bankjatim Third Party Funds (DPK).

Broadly speaking, this collaboration is motivated by the Dishub's need for a payment system connected to a database with the aim of efficient time and energy, besides that the development of an easier, safer, and more comfortable payment system is also one of the realization of this collaboration. Meanwhile, the purpose of this collaboration is to facilitate transactions and time efficiency for taxpayers. For dishub, this cooperation can help in accounting for payments made by taxpayers.

With this collaboration, customers can easily make KIR test payments either through bankjatim mobile or other fintech mobile applications so that they can save customer time. Customers can make KIR Test payments using bankjatim QRIS very easily, customers only need to access the Tuban Regency Transportation Agency website and register for the KIR Test to get a QRIS code. Then the customer just needs to pay the bill by scanning the QRIS code that has been received by the customer. No less interesting, the Tuban Regency Transportation Agency office is also provided with a standing PC which can be used by customers to register for the KIR test and get a QRIS code for payment. With these conveniences, of course, it can reduce the queue for KIR Test payments and minimize the circulation of cash.

Bankjatim also has digital banking facilities that are quite complete to support daily financial transactions or business transactions for customers. Currently, customers can take advantage of the bankjatim e-channel service to carry out banking transactions. Through the facilities, sms banking, internet banking, mobile banking, and QRIS, customers can make banking transactions or payments quickly, easily and safely without having to leave the house.

Bankjatim also provides convenience for customers in applying for credit or financing. bankjatim has launched a credit e-form that makes it easier for customers to apply for credit at bankjatim. Prospective customers only need to register via the credit e-form portal, then bankjatim will send a notification via sms.

In addition, bankjatim now has an electronic multipurpose credit facility (e-kmg) that customers can use. This facility is a development of a pre-existing multipurpose loan. This time, e-kmg provides convenience in applying for credit, both active State Civil Servants (ASN) and retirees. Some of the advantages of e-kmg include the ease of applying for credit through the mobile application. In addition, customers only need to have a registered account and payroll at bankjatim.