Reach More People to Invest, Bank Jatim Held a Corporate Week Event

Date: 07 august 2015

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Investor 3rd Bank Jatim 2015

As a public company in the third years, PT. Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Timur Tbk is continue to improve. bankjatim take some efforts to increase performance of the company, started with developing product and services which are more innovative, or through another efforts which can improve jatim bank stock exchange. One of them is by held an event titled bankjatim Corporate Week 2015.

Bankjatim has already go public, so besides as a form of company information opennes to customer, stakeholder, and shareholder, Corporate Week bankjatim 2015 has also put an effort to become closer with public. It's proven by increasing number of people who participate on the success of the event which held from 3-6 August 2015. This event is not only for investor, but also for academics who came from various college in Surabaya.

 President Director of bankjatim, R. Soeroso, said that in 2015 Jatim Bank tried to do a different concept of Investor Day. The aim of this difference is that bankjatim's shares is more recognized by public.

"We want to reach out wider people so that they can know bankjatim closer, especially about BJTM stock. We invite some university in Surabaya to participate, then they can give an education and arouse people interest to invest in stock market," said Soeroso.          

At least, there are three big agenda which held by bankjatim in the Corporate Week bankjatim 2015. Started from bankjatim Goes to Campus, Media Corporate Day-BJTM Belong to You, and Investor Day 3rd Enhanced with New Spirit.

 In a bankjatim Goes to Campus Events, Jatim Bank provide socialization and education about stock market to the college students and lectures. bankjatim also give free shares to participant who is registered and came in 6 university where the events held, like STIE Perbanas, Widya Mandala University, Surabaya State Univerisity, Catholic Petra University, Airlangga University, and Pembangunan Nasional University. This event is aimed to increase student and lecture's interest in various university in Surabaya to invest is a stock market especially towards bankjatim's stocks.

 While in a Media Corporate Day-BJTM Belong To You, bankjatim held an seminar with a journalist from various mass media to create a discussion forum about banking, especially about bankjatim's performance. This events also to build communication and gathering with media, investor, or others who have concerned with bankjatims bussiness, specially towards bankjatim's shares. Hope that participant who came can get an information which positive and balanced.

 As for the series of Corporate Week baknkjatim Event is closed with Investor Day 3rd Enhanced With New Spirit which are amicable events between stakeholder and shareholder bankjatim (pr/med)