Again!!, bankjatim Appointed as Bank Indonesia Deposit Cash Organizer

Date: 16 october 2017

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Located at Ponjogo Branch bankjatim, Bankjatim was once again appointed by Bank Indonesia to be the depository cash provider for the Ponorogo, Pacitan and Trenggalek regions. Previously, Bank Indonesia had inaugurated the same program in Probolinggo, Banyuwangi, Bojonegoro and Madiun.

The inauguration of cash from Ponorogo was attended by Deputy Regent of Ponorogo Dr. H. Soedjarno, Deputy Director of Bank Indonesia East Java Head of Representative Yudy Harymukti, Head of Representative of Bank Indoesia Kediri Djoko Raharto, and Middle Director of Corporate Bankjatim Su'udi. Also attending forpimda, SKPD head and representatives of BNI and BRI.

The purpose of the cash deposit program is to meet the needs of the rupiah in the community in a sufficient nominal amount, on time and in a decent condition for circulation. Deposited cash is the provision of money owned by Bank Indonesia which is deposited with one of the banks. "We appoint and cooperate with bankjatim, especially Ponorogo Branch and participating banks as deposit cash in the Ponorogo region and its surroundings," said Yudi Harymukti.

With the opening of the deposit cash, the distribution and distribution of money can be fulfilled. "With the deposit of cash from BI, we are increasingly facilitated in depositing and withdrawing money for the regency government around the regions of Ponorogo, Trenggalek and Pacitan districts. The deposit cash is also expected to increase economic turnover in the Ponorogo region and its surroundings," said Soedjarno.

Bank Indonesia appointed bankjatim as deposit cash manager in the Ponorogo region along with participating banks namely BNI and BRI Ponorogo in the success of the program. "We hope that the cash management will be deposited by bankjatim ponorogo and all deposit banks can run well and according to the agreement but we humbly still ask for help from the local government, Ponorogo Regency, Bank Indonesia for the smooth implementation of the cash deposit" said Su'udi