Launching of Cash Offices in Mall, Bank Jatim Facilitates Millennial Customers

Date: 27 october 2019

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PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Timur Tbk (bankjatim) is again expanding business penetration to the public, especially millennial customers. This time bankjatim inaugurated a cash office called bjtm connect, which is located at Tunjungan Plaza 6, 3rd Floor, Surabaya. Through this cash office, the public can access various banking services in a convenient and more flexible time, including on weekends or weekend bankingSome facilities such as cash deposit machines and cash withdrawals, self banking services that can serve the savings account opening independently by customers, to transactions using e-channel bankjatim. In addition to these facilities, customers can take advantage of BJTM Connect as a co-working space that is equipped with free Wi-Fi. The inauguration of the BJTM Connect cash office has further strengthened the bankjatim network, which until the third quarter of 2019 had 1,735 networks, both conventional and sharia.Bankjatim management hopes that with the cash office located in this shopping center, bankjatim can reach millennial customers who need easy, fast, and flexible services. In addition, the inauguration is expected to improve bankjatim performance, which until the third quarter of 2019 had booked assets of 72.13 trillion and net profit of 1.14 trillion.The inauguration of the cash office was packed with cool bankjatim events titled Bankjatim Marketainment which was held on 26-27 October 2019. The concept of the event combines bankjatim-guided UMKM exhibition activities, creative workshops, business talkshows and music entertainment.Various creative & unique products from SME assisted by bankjatim such as Batik, Leather craft, Handy Craft, to painting banana fronds were presented at the event. In addition to the exhibition, there will be a creative workshop & business talk show that can inspire business start-ups and millennials. Mall visitors will also be entertained by the appearance of local bands and the appearance of the capital artist Marcell at the peak of the event.