Net Profit Bank Jatim Increase at Third Quaterly 2016

Date: 13 october 2016

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JAKARTA – October 13, 2016 | In order to an information disclosure effort, PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Timur Tbk (bankjatim) made an analyst meeting and press conference to explain its performance in the third quarter 2016 (unaudited) at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta (10/13). Based on the third quarter financial report 2016, bankjatim recorded a net profit growth on the amount of 20,11% (YoY), or Rp 836.58 billion.

Bankjatim financial performance in this third quarter shows the achievement and significant growth when compared to the same period in the previous year (YoY). Despite the global economic situation decreased, Bank Jatim still able to record the credit canalization growth in the amount of Rp 29,62 trillion (up 1,33% YoY). Net interest income grew by Rp 2,54 trillion (up 6,86% YoY). And for the third part funds that are still dominated by low cost funds, which is Savings, grew by Rp 12,24 trillion or up 19,56% (YoY). With the rise in the cost of funds, CASA bankjatim ratio is still maintained at 70,36% (during more than 13 years, CASA bankjatim ratio is above 65%). This proves that bankjatim is effective in managing the funds cheapness.

bankjatim financial ratios position in September 2016, are Return on Equity (ROE) by 20,14%, Nett Interest Margin (NIM) by 6,70%, Return on Assets (ROA) by 3,09%, Operating Cost compares to Operating Income (BOPO) by 71,15%, and Loan to Deposit Ratio (LDR) by 71,97%.

During the third quarter, bankjatim won many prestigious awards that one of them is first rank of Annual Report Award (ARA) 2016 BUMN Listed category. In the night of Indonesia Banking Award (IBA) 2016, bankjatim won 4 awards that were The Most Reliable Bank, The Best Bank in Digital Services, The Best Bank in Productivity, and The Best Bank in Retail. The awards that achieved during the third quarter are the motivation to performance achieve at the end of 2016.

The development of bankjatim information technology products also growing. After previously bankjatim have has bankjatim SMS banking and bankjatim Internet Banking, bankjatim just launched Mobile Banking services which coincide with the lottery final night of Gemerlap Simpeda Nasional held at Shangri-La Hotel Surabaya.

And to continue its business strengthen, bankjatim in the fourth quarter 2016 plans to do business strategy, including:

  1. Batam Branch Office Operational
    bankjatim has done a soft launch of branch office in Batam Province which coincides with the anniversary of 55th bankjatim some time ago. bankjatim Batam branch office operational is waiting for approval from the Financial Services Authority (FSA) that expected operating in the fourth quarter.
  2. Credit Canalization Increasing In The Fourth Quarter
    To increase canalization credit in this fourth quarter, bankjatim doing the business strategies by reopening the presidential decree credit to government project with repair the collateral requirements as well as supervision and monitor increasing. In addition to the presidential decree credit, will also canalize back Standby Loan special Prima Customer who are credibility and capability proven. Meanwhile, to increase consumption credit, bankjatim gave Multipurpose credit interest promotion to the new application and takeover customers

Bankjatim Network

And until September 2016, the number of bankjatim network has reached 1.453 services points which consist of 1 Central Office, 46 Branch Offices, 167 Helper Branch Offices, 185 Cash Office, 97 Sharia Services Offices, 175 Payment Points, 79 Cash Cars, 6 ATM Cars, 695 ATMs, and 2 CDMs