Supporting Access to Financing to MSMEs, Bank Jatim Distributes KUR in Kampoeng Kreasi Activities

Date: 02 may 2024

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SURABAYA, May 2, 2024. PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Timur Tbk (bankjatim) continues to encourage the growth of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in East Java through the People's Business Credit (KUR) program. This was proven through the submission of bankjatim KUR in the 5th Kampoeng Kreasi activity organized by the East Java Provincial Office of Community and Village Empowerment on Thursday (2/5).

Located at Royal Plaza Surabaya, the submission of KUR amounting to Rp 500 million was carried out symbolically by SEVP Corporations, Syndication, and Institutions bankjatim Koerniawan Prijambodo to bankjatim customers retail traders goods & tobacco. Also present in the activity was Plt. Assistant for Economy and Development of East Java Joko Irianto and Head of the East Java Province Community and Village Empowerment Office Budi Sarwoto.

President Director of bankjatim Busrul Iman explained, the distribution of credit is one of bankjatim's efforts to support the Kampoeng Kreasi program in order to strengthen the empowerment of rural communities towards Optimistic East Java Rise. This is because the issuer with the BJTM code has a commitment to continue to support government programs, especially in order to expand access to financing to productive businesses, increase the competitiveness of MSMEs, and encourage economic growth and employment. “We will finance sectors that can become engines of economic growth through lending so that they can accelerate the national economy, especially the East Java region,” he said.

With the lending, bankjatim hopes to increase credit which until the first quarter of 2024 has been distributed as much as Rp 56.9 trillion or up 18.76 percent (YoY). This figure is above the national average growth of only 12.40 percent (YoY) with the composition of consumptive credit of Rp 31.3 trillion or an increase of 7.40 percent (YoY) and productive credit of Rp 25.6 trillion or an increase of 36.34 percent (YoY). The increase in the productive credit sector was supported by high growth, especially from the micro segment which shot up 36.63 percent (YoY), the retail & medium segment which grew by 58.40 percent (YoY), and the corporate segment rose 17.97 percent (YoY).

In addition, Busrul also said, as an effort to provide easy access to financing to the community, bankjatim has a digital platform called Jatim Kilat. Throughout the first quarter of 2024, Jatim Kilat has provided credit approval of Rp 1.97 trillion and which is still in the process of Rp 375.19 billion. “We hope that the massive lending that has been carried out by bankjatim can contribute to realizing the dreams of MSMEs so that the businesses they have can be even bigger,” he said.

Meanwhile, Joko Irianto said, the potential of villages in East Java that have a variety of unique and quality products in them is very large. Therefore, he hopes that through Kampoeng Kreasi, all parties can continue to synergize in order to realize more strategic village development in terms of creativity and innovation. “Hopefully, with this activity, East Java MSMEs will be more advanced, villages will be more empowered, so that it can have an impact on strengthening the economy of East Java,” he explained.

As for the Kampoeng Kreasi activity which took place from May 2, 2024 to May 5, 2024, it was packaged in the form of an exhibition & village innovation. With the theme “Synergy & Collaboration to Build Villages”, Kampoeng Kreasi presents various programs. Starting from exhibitions, talk shows, music performance, to East Java culinary.