Synergy with East Java Provincial Government, Bank Jatim Facilitates the Distribution of Social Aid and Productive Zakat

Date: 17 september 2023

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JOMBANG, September 17, 2023. PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Timur Tbk (bankjatim) continues to support various programs of the East Java Provincial Government (Pemprov). One of the things that has just been done is to participate in facilitating the delivery of productive zakat assistance for ultra-micro business capital and social assistance for people with disabilities, PKH for the elderly, extreme poverty alleviation, BLT, Joint Business Groups (KUBE), Tagana and TKSK on Sunday (17/9) afternoon.

Located at the Jombang Regency Hall, the activity was attended by East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa, bankjatim Risk Management Director Eko Susetyono, bankjatim Jombang Branch Manager Mutaalifin Efendhy, the heads of OPDs within the East Java Provincial Government, officials and heads of OPDs within the Jombang Regency Government, as well as hundreds of Beneficiary Families (KPM) from 21 sub-districts.

Eko explained, in this case, bankjatim facilitated the distribution of social assistance through bankjatim cycle savings. In total there are 825 KPM from the category of persons with disabilities, PKH elderly, extreme poverty alleviation, BLT, joint business groups (kube), tagana and TKSK who receive assistance from the East Java Provincial Social Service. As well as 100 KPM recipients of productive zakat for ultra-micro business capital from BUMD East Java.

"The assistance is expected to help MSME players whose businesses are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Hopefully, with the distribution of this assistance, MSME friends who need capital can get back on their feet,'' he said.

According to Eko again, as a Regional Development Bank (BPD) that grew large in East Java, bankjatim has a commitment to contribute to encouraging the welfare of the people of East Java. So, it will continue to strengthen its role to always provide positive benefits to the environment and surrounding communities. "The involvement of bankjatim in the distribution of the provincial government's social assistance program is the realization of the company's support in improving the quality of human life through improving people's welfare," he said.

Meanwhile, Khofifah expressed her appreciation for the support of all parties in the distribution of social assistance and productive zakat in East Java. "Today we are distributing social assistance and productive zakat in Jombang, after we previously did the same thing in Bondowoso," she explained.

In addition to the delivery of social assistance and productive zakat, on this occasion, the East Java Provincial Government also held a cheap market in order to stabilize the price of basic necessities. All commodities available in this cheap market are sold at prices below the market average. Thus, allowing the community to obtain basic necessities at a more affordable and economical cost.

"The East Java Provincial Government is currently trying to continue to build synergies with the aim of stabilizing basic food prices, especially rice. In every cheap market, there are standard supplies of rice, oil, eggs, and sugar," said Khofifah. She hopes that all types of social assistance that have been given to beneficiaries can increase people's purchasing power, community welfare, and have an impact on the economic growth of East Java.